WordPress Theme

Caldera is a photo-forward theme designed to display your work beautifully while helping to optimize your SEO.


  • Easy To Build The Kadence block editor and our template library make building sections and even entire pages a breeze
  • Fully Customizable Easily swap in your brand colors and typography with the kadence color palette and global fonts.
  • Performance Our lightweight theme makes it easy to pass common search engine performance tests
  • SEO Optimization All of our web templates are designed with SEO best practices across the board
  • Purchase and download your theme.
  • Install and activate your theme on your WordPress site.
  • Automatically import our demo content.
  • Follow our instructions within the demo content to replace and optimize your site.
  • Change color palette, logo, and typography to fit your branding site wide via the global customizer.
  • WordPress theme (Kadence Child Theme).
  • Cloud library access for all sections.
  • Continued theme updates.
  • A registered domain.
  • WordPress.org hosting. (we recommend Cloudways)
  • Free Kadence theme and blocks plugin (automatically installed via Caldera Theme activation)

Rank Higher


Designed with best practices in mind

Caldera is designed to help you implement the SEO lessons withing the Fuel Your Photos Course. Our placeholder text is there to help guide your through building a website that coverts leads and ultimately boosts your website rankings.

Make it your own


Swap Your Brand Colors & Typography

Instantly make Caldera unique to your brand with the kadence color palette feature and global typography settings. Easily upload your logo, images, and copy to quickly launch your new website.

Easily Edit


Kadence Blocks

The theme is designed to integrate smoothly with the Block Editor in WordPress, enabling you to create and arrange content with ease using blocks. We built this using Kadence Blocks 3.0, our favorite block plug-in.

Caldera Cloud Library

Included with your theme is the Caldera block library, which allows you to insert sections onto your page quickly. These blocks can be easily rearranged, customized, and duplicated.

Lightning Fast


Easily Pass Search Engine Speed Tests

The lightweight design of Calera loads quickly and meets best practices for SEO, performance, and accessibility.